Recording postings corrected


Sorry for the size, but enlarging it made it unreadable.  This is the file listing that I received from the District.  as you see there is no dates or titles.  I listen to them in order an assumed that if the date that showed (date modified) made them all the same meeting.  The tapes except the first of each meeting does not give a date so I assumed.  so you can see that 9/20 has 2 files, 9/23 has 1 file, 10/28 has 4 files, 11/12 has 2 files.  I can’t explain  my Mistake, repeat my Mistake.  I have corrected it, I think.  To my readers I’m sorry for the confusion too many conversions and importing I guess.  I know this will matter only to my readers but there was no EDITING, just too much computerizing.   But thanks rodeoman for getting me straight.  I thanks it is all there now

What it says across the top of each file example

801_0032     9/20/2112 5:34AM          WMA         5,148KM

801_0033     9/20/2012 7:39AM          WMA        71,562KM

801_0034      10/23/2012 5:AM             WMA         121,268KM

801_0037      10/28/2012 5:34AM         WMA        22,090KM

801_0038     10/28/2012 6:03AM         WMA       3,462KM

801_0039    10/28/2012 6:09AM         WMA        33,163KM

801_0040    10/28/2012 6:46AM          WMA      100,930KM

801_0041     11/12/2012 2:34AM            WMA      59,276KM

801_0042     11/12/2012 4:16AM           WMA       31,325KM



dish copy



Integrity in Leadership











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