What a Real Man Does

Thank you !

First, I want to thank everyone who voted for me and supported my campaign to become the next elected Treasurer of El Paso County.   I am humbled by your support and dedication and greatly appreciative of your efforts to my cause. I will continue to be involved in the party and will look to the future with optimism. Secondly, I want to thank all who attended the EPC Republican Assembly and cast their votes for their candidates of choice.  Your efforts, time and dedication to the assembly process and in having a voice as delegates is appreciated.  Lastly, but most importantly,  I want to share with you all that Mark Lowderman ran a good positive campaign. Even though he was one of my opponents, I enjoyed the opportunities to visit with Mark as we met often on the campaign trail. We both took the high road and presented ourselves in a positive way and as gentlemen. With that said, I’m endorsing and fully supporting Mark in his effort to be the next elected Treasurer of El Paso County.

David Kelly



Comment:  This is what “real men” do!  They stand up foe what the believe in, fight the good fight and when beaten join the winner’s team.  David Kelly shows his integrity.



Integrity in Leadership

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