Peak Freedom Festival

Dear Republicans:

Headquarters is a hive of activity before the El Paso County Republican Assembly tomorrow, but we always have a few irons in the fire. Last Saturday was our first-ever Community Resource Fair. Today we urge you to save another date: The 2014 Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, July 26. Details will follow in the coming weeks.
In the meantime, our friends over at Peak Freedom Festival are preparing for next weekend’s festivities. Sign up. This is a great opportunity to hear outstanding speakers, to celebrate bedrock American principles, and to network with fellow Republicans and activists, who share a common goal of getting this country back on track.

Highlights this year include a keynote address by Michelle Malkin, who will examine the new federal Common Core school standards, and a lunch speech by social media sensation Bill Whittle, who will be asking whether free enterprise, innovation, and entrepreneurship can survive the smothering embrace of big government.

Afternoon sessions will include the unveiling of the 2014 economic freedom reports prepared by two major think tanks, a discussion of how to optimize Colorado’s business climate, and a screening of a film about how free-market principles can be used to free the developing world from poverty.

There is a charge for lunch and dinner, but the afternoon sessions are free and open to the public. More details, and a link to the registration page, can be found at Judging from my past experiences with the Peak Freedom Festival, I think you’ll find it an afternoon well-spent.

Contact Sean Paige at if you have questions or need assistance.


Daniel Cole
Executive Director
El Paso County Republican Party
(o) (719) 578-0490


Integrity in Leadership

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