Bill Elder for Sheriff

Collaborate & Improve Efficiency
Throughout my career I have been dedicated to identifying areas for improvement in public safety. I pride myself on developing and building new, collaborative, public-private initiatives and joint venture efforts to achieve this. Many of these initiatives are now in place in the community; others are pending. I am committed to identifying innovative and cutting edge methods to provide exceptional public safety services while working to eliminate the duplication of many others.

I will collaborate to ensure the successful operation of a modern detention facility and progressive public safety agency.

As Sheriff, my team and I will ensure the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office continues to set the bar and example for public safety agencies in Colorado to reach.
• I will conservatively manage personnel needs and the budget.
• I will ensure the Sheriff’s Office is prepared for and trained in wild land fire mitigation and response. I understand the importance of active participation and coordination with the community and local agencies from the start of an incident through the recovery process.
• I will provide a safe & secure detention facility and staff it with highly trained and well equipped Deputies.
• I will aggressively pursue criminals to keep our community safe!

Find out more about me and my platform at:
or send me an email to:


Integrity in Leadership

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