Protecting Taxpayers. Protecting Our Safety.

Dear Republican Friends,

In the last few weeks, your email boxes have undoubtedly been filled to the brim with candidate information as has mine. Early on in the Sheriff’s race, I committed to limiting our email communications to respect your privacy and your inbox by consolidating our messages, rather than sending out multiple messages every day.  So, I wanted to let you know that this is the final email you will receive from me until I see you live and in person at tomorrow’s March 29th County Assembly.

As we ready ourselves for the event, I am asking for the honor to be your first choice for El Paso County Sheriff this Saturday, March 29th, as our Republican delegates cast their votes.  Won’t you help me stand up to the establishment and demonstrate that grass-roots support matters?

Combining my 35 years of military service, law enforcement and emergency management certifications, I believe that I am the only candidate for Sheriff that brings a unique set of skills to the job and the candidate with the most recent position as a Commander in the Sheriff’s Office.  As we know, the Sheriff’s role is critical to protecting our most precious Constitutional rights. As the chief law enforcement official in the county, the Sheriff serves as the custodian of the jail, fire warden, preserves the peace, processes permits for concealed handguns and is the Constitutional Officer for El Paso County.

In El Paso County, the Board of Commissioners has also designated the Office of Emergency Management to the Sheriff’s Office, especially important to our citizens and recently in our thoughts, following our devastating disasters and concerns about wildfires and our continued recovery efforts.

While the Sheriff serves in many important roles, he is also responsible for overseeing the largest budget of all the county’s elected offices.  As the new El Paso County Sheriff, I believe that minding your money is one of the most important roles to protect the security of our taxpayer dollars.  Today, we cannot afford to simply build bigger jails and our Sheriff’s Office has implemented a number of programs that have limited our detention center’s population.  I have a recent hands-on perspective of the Sheriff’s Office. As a current member of the National Association of Counties Justice and Public Safety Committee, I am up-to-speed to hit the ground running on new ways of doing business to keep our costs in check.

While I am not a seasoned politician; I am a military veteran, a law enforcement professional and an emergency management expert and will get the job done for you as a citizen and a taxpayer. Thank you for your consideration to be your first choice as you cast your vote to place candidates on the Primary ballot.  I hope I can count on you to help me earn your support as the “New” Sheriff in Town as delegates cast their ballots.

Stop by my campaign table and say hello, ask questions, and stand with me during the Assembly at 10:30 a.m. and help me protect our way of life, our security, our safety, our Constitutional rights and our taxpayer dollars.

Yours in service,

-Jim Reid,

El Paso County Sheriff Republican Candidate




Integrity in Leadership

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