Senator Kent Lambert; supports Mike Kopp

Dear El Paso Delegates –

By last count there are seven candidates running for the Republican nomination for Governor. That’s a lot to choose from. But, in my view there’s only one with the background in public service and the demonstrated ability to forge a winning coalition founded on conservative values to be elected our next Governor.

That man is former Colorado Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp. I’m writing to urge you to support Mike as well.

As active Republicans who fought hard in past cycles to elect a Republican Governor, we remember all too well the disastrous campaigns of 2006 and 2010. What better way to purge ourselves of those awful memories than to chose a proven winner as our nominee in 2014? I hope you’ll agree it’s time we found someone for Colorado Governor who represents a new generation of Republican leadership with a clear vision and plan for Colorado’s future that embraces our conservative values.

Mike has a powerful resume filled with life experience and leadership we need as attributes in our next governor of Colorado. In addition, Mike has a proven ability to promote a conservative agenda in a bipartisan manner. He is a man highly respected by both Republicans and Democrats. A new generation of Republican leadership we need. I am proud to endorse him for Governor.

I’m not the only conservative leader in Colorado to have endorsed Mike. Former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong is on board as well. And that’s not the last of us.

Let’s be able to say on November 5, that the effort to end the Hickenlooper regime started right here in El Paso County by leading the way for Mike Kopp. Please visit Mike’s website at and read for yourself about his family, his background and his vision for Colorado.

Senator Kent Lambert

P.S. Have you already decided to support Mike? If so, let him know today. Someone will be in touch soon to bring you on to Mike’s El Paso County Team!


Integrity in Leadership

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