Stop Common Core Colorado

Hello to All!
I know for some of you it has been awhile since I have given updates regarding Common Core. Every day things are changing. I continue to stay busy running the state presenting, in hopes to bring public awareness, regarding this federal intrusion into our state and schools. So many people and educators continue to be in the dark. The Colorado Dept. of Ed has ignited their campaign to refute what grassroots are exposing and have offered the school districts townhall meetings to tell the “truth”.We have joined forces with Eye on US Education who has spearheaded efforts to organize a The National Protest Common Core Day. This will take place:

Saturday April 5th at the same time across the states. For Colorado we will meet at the State Capitol in Denver on the West steps promptly at 12pm. (Pacific-11am Mtn/standard 12pm Central 1pm and Eastern 2pm). Ken Clark from Grassroots Radio will be our MC. All rallies will start with the Pledge of Allegiance. Our rally, in Denver, will be patriotic, family friendly with hotdog vendors, face painting, information tables, and of course a table to sign the letter of opposition to Common Core that I turn into the State School Board Meetings monthly.If anyone has any to turn in, bring them on this day.Remember this is a “letter of opposition” not a petition so students can sign and how you sign is not specific to voter registration.If anyone wants to have “a local rally” on this day at the same time….please do. I know it is hard to drive to Denver for all this. We are trying to get a rally on the Western Slope, Colorado Springs and possible Craig and LaVeta. Please let me know if anyone is willing to do this so we can announce and help spread the word. It can be at a park or anywhere. It does not have to be full of all these activities either. We are coming together to allow citizens to voice their opposition…tell their stories of how this is affecting their students, schools, teaching profession, etc. We encourage students,educators, administrators, etc to come and let their voice be heard. Print the flyer and pass out. Make your own for your own rally-if you need help just call.

We are not going away. We continue to fight. So now we have joined the National movement in the “War on Common Core.” A group out of Florida called, Eye on US . We passed out 70 invitations at the Capitol on Thursday so ask and urge your representatives to come. We have invited all governor candidates with one responding he will possible make it-Steve House. We have not heard back from Matt Hess, Jason Clark or Bob Beauprey. We are making ground and making the CDE and opposition nervous. Gates has just invested huge amounts of money into advertising with Ford Motors and many other companies to promote Common Core. They would not be doing this if there wasn’t so much push back. Colorado NEEDS to push HARD. We need to do this in our voting. I firmly believe we will not succeed until Hickenlooper is displaced out of office. I also know we have MANY Republicans holding office that have not seen the truth. We need to be out at the polls and PLEASE vet your candidates!!!! It is NOT enough to have them say “I am against Common Core!” We need them to be specific and give concise propositions on repealing it. Please spread the word about the rally. It will fall one week before state convention. I am a delegate for the first time and am looking forward to being there. When Dr. Lakin, Glenn Beck and my husband said “get off the couch”; they did not know this was coming!!!!

Please stay in the fight for our liberties and freedom. We NEED to reclaim local control over our schools. Don’t allow our students to be sacrificial lambs any longer.The culture of America is being rewritten through this movement that has been slowly building for too many years.

God Bless and stay in His strength,

Anita Stapleton (719)-432-7181

Comment: Folks this is the question you should ask every candidate, ” what is your position on Common Core”. Don’t let them say “I’m against it”. They must say they will stand against it, when the time comes. Hold them to it, Common Core has some positive but the negative over rides all the positives. Communities must control their schools, it is our taxes and children.

Integrity in Leadership

  1. #1 by K L Clayter on March 29, 2014 - 9:02 pm

    Since the Common Core Curriculum is a state mandated approach to education, we will be hard pressed to try to opt out. The consequences are quite harsh.

  2. #2 by Fayne on March 31, 2014 - 8:47 am

    Response to KL 2014/03/29

    Thanks, there is away it is the up coming Nov election. Each of the Republican candidates for governor has stated they are against CC. Each month another State withdraws from the CC process. It is not going to be easy; but it can be done. Research all the candidates and support those that have stood up and openly supported over turning CC. Thanks again keep the discussion going, knowledge comes from the discussion.

    Integrity in Leadership

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