It Didn’t Take Long

I guess RodeoMan won the beer. So unless someone else has less than 36 hours, RodeoMan takes the pool. As I stated in the Mar 23 posting (note: For some reason most of the meeting are placed on more than one file, so my plan is to attach then in order.) There is an issue with the recordings. Today I discussed with some of the District’s staff the recording process and that discussion cleared some of the concern but not all. They will research and get back to me.
Questions: What type of recording device is used to record the meeting? (A) a small cassette
How long is the recording time? (A) They believe it is 120 minutes
Why is the date of recorded files showing 2012? (A) They did not know
Why are there gaps in the recording/between files? (A) They did not know but stated that it could happen when the person changes the cassette. It appears that the Board may continue the discussion as the board secretary changes the cassette.

I believe it is a process error not an editing issue. Conspiracy; only in a few individuals minds, there is one question why doesn’t Mr. H know why there are gaps, he can fix them.

I have emailed the board and if they respond I’ll post the response. Again it did not take long.

Integrity in Leadership

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