Country Assembly

How do I figure out which meetings to attend on Saturday morning?
If you have reviewed our schedule, you know that you may have several meetings to attend. All delegates and alternates attend the County Assembly from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. At this Assembly, we will nominate and elect Republican candidates for Assessor, Clerk & Recorder, Coroner, Sheriff, Surveyor, and Treasurer.

To determine the other meetings you need to attend you will need to know your House District, Senate District, and Commissioner District. The simplest way to discover this information is to contact the Clerk and Recorder’s office at 575-8683 — with a name and an address they can tell you the districts where you reside.

Each House District meets on Saturday morning, so you will need to attend your House District. Senators from a Senate District and Commissioners from a Commissioner District serve for four years. The only Senate Districts that will meet are 2, 9, and 11 (not 10 or 12) and Commissioner Districts 1 and 5 (not 2, 3, or 4).

We strongly recommend that you arrive a minimum of thirty minutes prior to your first meeting. You will get the opportunity to run, walk, or stroll through our “Hall of Candidates” and then credential for the County Assembly. When you credential, we will ask for a photo identification. If you are a county delegate, you credentials envelope will include your County Ballot, so keep it in a safe place. Each House District, Senate District, and Commissioner District will have their own district meetings, so you will need to “credential” again at the district meetings.

If you have not paid your county delegate, county alternate, state delegate, or state alternate fee, you will need to visit the “Command Center” to pay your fee prior to receiving your credential. Fees can be paid online at under the “Donate Now” button. If you have a question regarding the amount you owe, please contact us at Republican Headquarters at 578-0022.

Two other items — UCCS is on Spring Break, so all parking is free. We suggest you look at the map at (the link is in the corner). You will want to park in Lot 3, 4, or the Parking Garage. UCCS will have food vendors open — from a morning coffee shop, to the cafeteria at lunch time, to a sports bar in the afternoon. We would greatly appreciate it if you would not bring food items and instead patronize the UCCS food vendors.

We have attached the schedule for Saturday morning. Please carefully check your meeting times.
We look forward to seeing you!
El Paso County Republican Headquarters Leadership, Staff, and Volunteers
Time District Room
8:00 a.m. House District 14 Gallogly
8:45 a.m. Senate District 2 Centennial Upper
Senate District 9 Gallogly
Senate District 11 Berger
9:30 a.m. Commissioner District 1 Gallogly
House District 17 Centennial Lower
House District 18 Berger
House District 21 Centennial Upper

10:30 a.m. County Assembly Gallogly and Berger

2:00 p.m. House District 15 Centennial Upper
House District 19 Gallogly
House District 20 Berger
Commissioner District 5 Centennial Lower

3:30 p.m. House District 16 Berger

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Thank you for providing us your e-mail address at the County Assembly.

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El Paso County Republican Party
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Colorado Springs, CO 80920


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