Bill Elder for Sheriff

Ask yourself why!

The reason for their support is clear. It’s because they understand that real, “hands-on” experience matters! I’ve patrolled the streets of this community as a cop for over 23 years. I’ve investigated thousands of crimes in my many years as a detective. I’ve testified in hundreds of court cases, and I’ve commanded numerous operations to include the crash scene of United Flight 585, and those involving multi-jurisdictional task forces. I have proven public safety leadership experience. My combination of public safety and 14 years of local business experience give me a deep understanding of the needs of this community. I know to be successful it is imperative for me to work side by side with our community leaders to build strong collaborative partnerships to find innovative solutions to the challenges in this county.

Public Safety is not just a profession for me, it’s my calling! To be effective in my role as our next Sheriff, I must work every day making all of El Paso County a safe place to work and live. I understand the use of taxpayer dollars is not a right simply granted. We owe it to our citizens to be as effective, efficient, and as innovative as possible in the delivery of services we provide. As your Sheriff, I will work to bring this approach to all areas of public safety and emergency response and preparedness. I am already working closely with other agencies identifying ways to eliminate duplication of services while ensuring maximum service delivery.
Find out more about me and my platform at:
or send me an email to:

March 26, 2014
Bill Elder Meet & Greet
2962 Shrider Rd.
Colo Springs CO 80920
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Hosted by the Scott’s

March 29, 2014
County Assembly

June 24, 2014
Republican Primary


Integrity in Leadership

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