John Anderson declares the need for a “forensic audit”

El Paso County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Elder has repeatedly called for a “forensic audit” of the El Paso County Sheriff’s budget. The term “forensic audit” implies a violation of civil or criminal law has occurred and the results of the audit would be used in subsequent court proceedings. Mr. Elder has suggested that the investigation begin with 2014 and go back to 1995 (the terms of Sheriff Maketa and Sheriff Anderson).

Mr. Elder has also stated that the budget has to “be accountable to the people.” John Anderson agrees the budget has to be accountable to the citizenry. That’s why the El Paso County Citizen Budget Oversight Committee is currently in place and why the County Commissioners approve and audit the budget every single year.

The call for a forensic audit is damaging on a number of levels. It is unnecessary and unwarranted. It not only undermines those citizen participants that work hard to ensure efficient and wise use of taxpayer moneys, it implies that they, too, are breaking the law! According to a local C.P.A. firm, the estimated cost of a forensic audit is approximately $400,000 of taxpayer money ($20,000 per year X 20 years = $400,000) and the investigation would take “years” to complete.

Keep in mind that this recommendation originates from an individual with a pattern of mismanaging his personal funds, as well as taxpayer money. Mr. Elder has previously declared bankruptcy, which happens to good people, in these uncertain economic times, but those people are not asking you to trust them with a $60 million budget. Additionally, he has mismanaged EPSO funds during his tenure as a mid-level manager at the Metro VNI Division (which was just recently audited) and now, he is advocating for a $400,000 expenditure of your money. Mr. Elder has also accepted a campaign contribution from a corporation called “Detecting Deception” in violation of campaign contribution laws. This corporation is not registered with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Who deserves the forensic audit?


Integrity in Leadership

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