Part One, Ellicott in 1985 and before

A store, a garage, two thriving churches, a car wrecking yard, a propane outlet, a fire station, and a large modern trailer park this is Ellicott in 1985. Twenty-five miles east of Palmer’s Statue and seventeen miles east of Peterson Field. But Before that……..
“In the early 1890’s this valley and the surrounding area were open to homesteading and in 1893 Mrs. Marjorie Fossinger’s grandfather Tom Bradley and Cora (his daughter) departed from Kansas in one of those covered wagons heading west.” We must remember that in those days a family had everything they owned with them. In the wagon or on their horse; food, furniture, chickens, cattle, kids and their Bibles, everything it would take to start their lives from the beginning in a new place; that being Ellicott. The couple of hundred miles took several weeks, not days but weeks.
As the wagon train approached America’s Mountain (PP) some began to look around and found the eastern plains as their next home. Among them was a young man George Ellicott. George and his family started the first post office in their home. In 1897 the building that the post office was in, was named Ellicott Postal. Now that Ellicott had a Post Office they began moving the mail first to Peyton. The first Postal Carrier was Mr. Alfred Hopkinson. The first horse and buggy mail delivery to Peyton was done in 1916. A full days trip, rain or shine.

My information is being taken from a great book, El Paso County Heritage, written in 1985. Many different individuals wrote regarding the different areas for each township. Mrs. Marjorie Fossinger wrote and researched the Ellicott portion. Thanks to the Akers for loaning me the book.

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