Fair Thee Well

VERY EXCITED!!! Ellicott Citizens are planning an all day event May 31, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and calling it ‘FAIR THEE WELL’ . The focus will be “looking back” on the memories had in the old Middle School and gymnasium and “looking forward” to making new memories in the new Middle School. Plans are being made to have an auction to sell some of the equipment and furnishings in the old School, with proceeds going to the new school. Ideas include having a dunk tank, spelling bee, sack races, face painting, turtle races and other fun things for kids. If you are a local artisan/crafter, business, and /or volunteer organization , this is a good opportunity to set up a booth to share your purpose with the Ellicott community. We need local organizations and businesses to set up food vending areas and hope someone will include homemade ice cream cones. The day will end with a spaghetti supper, music , entertainment and dancing with Chris Smith as the MC. Drawings for door prizes will be conducted through-out the evening with the grand prize to be drawn at the end of the night. The lucky winner must be present to win!

So mark the calendar, May 31, 2014 . Join the community in this celebration of the past and the future. The planning committee is looking for volunteers so think about what you would like to do. Become apart of the planning to enjoy some good ole fashioned community fun!!! Please respond to me, Fayne McDowell (ellicottspotluckcafe@elpasotel.net), to get your spot and purpose in the plan.

Integrity in Leadership

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