The Full Moon, great wasn’t it?

Special Meetings with no visitor, why would an “open” Board discuss two highly emotional subjects without public input? I again, MAYBE in error; but has anyone been ask for input on either topic, Superintendent’s new contract or Superintendent’s goals. Come on, should not the taxpayers, parents have some input these? The last contract was negotiated behind closed doors and disappointed the public. Goals, were the public questioned? What are the District’s goals, the Boards goals? Mrs Twiss made the motion to move the topic (Superintendent’s Goals) from the Feb meeting to the March Special Meeting, why? Then at the SM, Mr Hudson asked that the discussion items be moved to action, Mrs Twiss made the motion, why?
The Board decided not to include the District’s test scores in Dr Cullen’s evaluation; because the testing is changing, hasn’t it been changing over the past years. Guess we should request a copy of the evaluation “sheet”. The public should see how the Superintendent will be evaluated. The minutes also establish shows when the Superintendent’s evaluation will be passed out to the board, when it will be collected by Mrs Twiss, discussed among the board, then discussed with Dr Cullen. But when will it be made public? Then another special meeting to vote on Dr Cullen’s contract. Shouldn’t the public see the evaluation sheet, then the evaluation before the board addresses extending Dr Cullen’s contract?

If and I repeat the IF, the board felt they needed a special meeting, let’s look at the two agendas, was there some less sensitive issues that could have been moved from the special and the upcoming regular meeting. Woo look what we have, executive session concerning the well, approve 1st reading LBD, LBD-R, BCB, BDA, BDB, BDF, BEC, BEDF, BG, approve resolution for the retention of records, approve senior trip, approve trip to Washington D.C., approve human relations & data position, another executive session and a few more.
I also see “SQUIRREL”, the fact that the board published an agenda that clearly stated “discuss” and then at the meeting (no visitor) changed to “action” is that really miss leading. Then a memory problems in the recording process, well. But; back to the change to action, “No business other than that stated in the notice of the meeting shall be transacted unless all members are present and agree to consider and transact other business.” I see that maybe changing the action items maybe outside the scope of “other business”. Why publish an agenda; when you change the intent of the agenda. I’ll be listening to the tapes.

Integrity in Leadership

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