Bill Elder, for Sheriff

Look to who trusted law enforcement, fire professionals and community leaders from around the Pikes Peak region endorse. You will agree! There is NO substitute for law enforcement experience!

Dear Fellow El Paso County Republicans,

I want to be the Republican nominee for El Paso County Sheriff in 2014. Over the days leading up to the assembly on the 29th, you will be bombarded with letters, calls and even visits from candidates vying for your vote. Why? It’s simple, you are the most important person in this process and every candidate knows that!

I am passionate about earning your support for the position of El Paso County Sheriff. I want to get you information on me and my vision for the future of the Sheriff’s Office in the most efficient and effective manner possible and I will employ several different strategies to do so.

We have arranged for several meet and greets over the next week. I have been working on this campaign for well over a year now, and have met many of you through clubs, functions or having been invited to meet with you one on one. That is my preferred method of communication because you get to know me and others in my campaign personally and get straight answers to your questions and concerns.

You will receive letters mailed directly to you from our campaign. I’ve been sending information for some time, and each of you should have received a letter recently which included a request for your support. If you didn’t get it, please let me know and I will get one to you right away.

You will also receive emails like this one as a form of contact with upcoming events and other pertinent campaign information. If you would rather be contacted in some other fashion, let me know and we will arrange for that.

Lastly, my team and I will be calling or personally visiting each and every one of you over the next 11 days. I want you to know I value your support.

I want to assure you that I am prepared for and inspired to meet the expectations of the citizens of this county. I will protect your Constitutional rights! I will partner with the leaders of all of our public safety agencies, community leadership as well as the private sector to shrink the size of government. I will work hard to ensure the future of efficient and effective public safety including emergency and disaster preparedness throughout the county.

I hope you will stand with me and hundreds of other El Paso County Republicans, March 29th at El Paso County Republican Assembly.

Learn more about me and my campaign at I’m excited to have earned your support!

Thank you!

Bill Elder, YOUR next El Paso County Sheriff

Find out more about me and my platform at: or send me an email to:

Thursday, March 20th
Old Colorado City Library
2418 W Pikes Peak Avenue
Hosted by The Huffor’s

Saturday, March 22nd
4951 Gibbon Street
Hosted by The Breister’s

March 29, 2014
County Assembly

June 24, 2014
Republican Primary


Integrity in Leadership

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