Steve House; On the road listening to voters, obtaining signatures


We are in the last few weeks of our petition drive to get on the primary ballot and I’m on the road again meeting with concerned citizens all over southern and eastern Colorado.

In the past few days I’ve talked with hundreds of Republican voters. What I’m hearing is that Governor Hickenlooper’s lack of leadership, poor decisions and bad policies have the people of our state looking for new leadership and asking why our state is not performing as it should. And, they are right.

Even though we have a strong agricultural base, abundant natural resources and people who are highly educated, Colorado ranks 29th in performance. It doesn’t make sense. With these inherent advantages, Colorado should easily be among the top five performing states. What is lacking is leadership with a vision, a will and the know-how to get things done.

I am a leader from the business world, not a politician. After 30 years in business, I feel confident I have the executive leadership experience this state needs. I’m interviewing for the job of governor because Colorado is my home and my home is under attack by Democratic politicians who think government is the solution not the problem. When Coloradans hire me to be their governor, I will improve our state’s performance through innovation in business, education and healthcare.

If you have not yet signed my petition, let me know and our campaign will make arrangements to meet with you to get your signature.

In Liberty,


Integrity in Leadership

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