Bob Beauprez For Governor

Having little kids at home, we stay really busy. But when my dad decided to run for governor, we knew we had to do whatever we could to help.

My dad, Bob Beauprez, is a 5th generation Coloradan. He’s been a farmer, community banker, and served in Congress. He’s an amazing grandfather as well, and our girls love getting to spend time with their Papa B!

He also cares deeply about Colorado, and watching our state go off the rails the past few years has really weighed on him.

So when he decided to run for governor, knowing how incredible Colorado could be with his leadership, we jumped all in to help him. I’m hoping you’ll jump all in too.

To be honest, it’s been pretty crazy since then! We’re a homeschool family, and with my work and volunteer commitments, it already seems that I never get a break during the day. But knowing the good my dad could do for Colorado, I’ve found the time whenever I can to take a petition by a friend’s house, share a link on Facebook, or walk door-to-door with our kids. It’s great exercise!

My dad needs your help too, and I’m asking you to come along with us and volunteer today.

The campaign even has open paid positions currently for people who can commit several hours a day going door-to-door to circulate petitions.

It’s a lot of fun and there’s there’s already hundreds of people who have signed up to help. We’d love to have you join us!

It’s easy to get started, just visit the website and fill out a simple form to let the campaign know you’re interested.

On behalf of my family, we really appreciate your help! Thanks for being a part of the team!
On to Victory,
P.S. Colorado can do better. To help my dad get Colorado back on track, please sign up to take a petition by a friend’s house, share a link on Facebook, or circulate petitions door-to-door.


Integrity in Leadership

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