Candidate Survey and delegate question

Good Day,
Below are the results of the first Candidate Survey and delegate question.
The link below is for the follow up survey question of, “Are you delegates to the county and state assemblies?”. We will do another candidate survey as we get closer to the State assembly to see how minds are changed. Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to help us gauge where our group is at this point in time.
Survey Question: Are you a Delegate?

If election held today, who is your choice for US Senator:
Answer Choices – Responses –
Owen Hill 45.24% 38
Cory Gardner 53.57% 45
Mark Udall 1.19% 1
Randy Braumgardner: 3.4 % 3

If election held today, who is your choice for Governor?
Answer Choices – Responses –
BROPHY, GREG Republican 10.71% 9
CLARK, JASON Republican 3.57% 3
MIKE KOPP Republican 45.24% 38
FRENCH, JOHN Unaffiliated 0% 0
GESSLER, SCOTT Republican 17.86% 15
HELMS, SAMMY Democratic 0% 0
HEMPY, HARRY Green Party 0% 0
HESS, MATTHEW Libertarian 2.38% 2
HICKENLOOPER, Democratic 0% 0
HOUSE, STEVEN Republican 4.76% 4
TOM TANCRADO Republican 15.48% 13

Visit 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots at:

Precinct 521 votes in the Straw man was 93% for Tom Tancrado and 7% for Mike Kopp.

Integrity in Leadership

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