Letter to the Governor (Superintendents express concerns)

Ranchland Mar 6 2014 pg 3.
Did you really read the letter, if not get a copy and read it. Three things caught my weak reading eyes; (1) Ellicott has the only Doctor as a Super, (2) Yes, the federal and State government should stay out of district level spending, (3) there are so many small Districts spending money on the same “stuff”.
In recent discussions with some of the candidates for Governor, common core, direct involvement in the Districts and Parents/tax-payers (School Boards) should run THEIR schools.
I have missed a few of the recent board meetings; but when was the last time District 22’s board asked the parents/tax-payers what they wanted in and for their school? Unless things have changed in the last few months, you may get 3 minutes to voice your concerns or needs. But don’t talk about any of the board members. Did you see the agenda of the “Special Meeting”? Three extremely important topics, yet instead of a Board meeting it was held in a special meeting and at 5:30. Most work!!!! Superintendent’s goals, Superintendent’s contract, Student Achievements; should these be in front of the tax-payers/parents? If anyone attend this special let me know what action were taken. I’ll request a copy of the voice tape.
Back to the letter, the author highlighted several funding issues stating that districts need “fiscal sanity” so they can plan and implement state driven requirements. Legislature requiring “unfunded” mandated changes. Comment: all mandated requirement/changes must be funded if it is important. This is a great question to ask our candidates. Nothing without dollars. I have looked at other “rural districts budgets” and I can see that some are having a hard time, small saving accounts; but can Dr Cullen really sign this letter? Look at what many see as elective expenditures, remodeling of the farm-house, new buses, more special teachers, his new contract, landscaping and high cost communication equipment; this is just the things I have heard about. But questions that should be ask. Hard times mean, hard look at what is spent.
I agree with the author’s concern with how K-12 funding has become a piggy bank for other funding. A group of “well-meaning legislators”, voted in by some, has and will continue to play with amendment 23 (Democrat Legislature) until the leadership changes. One of the main reason the voters, voted against A66 by a large majority is the lost of trust in the elected forces.
Comment: Would these 157 Superintendents allow or request a panel to review their budgets to see it there are any fat or waste? That would be the first thing a Corporation/Family would or should do. We should and must educate our children to excel not to score whatever on a state test. I have said this before our school system is addressing the education process in the wrong direction, the bottom is restraining the top. Just ask yourself where is the money beginning spent. The letter includes 9 districts, paying the same overhead, all within a 20 mile circle. District 22 has at least eight senior admin employees for 900 students, what is the graduation ratio? What is the scholarship ratio? What is the District’s cost per student?
Most time spending more money on an issue isn’t the fix. Sometime it takes a clear review of the entire process, what does the local taxpayer really owe the district’s student? A clear path to an education, guess we need to define “education” and “owe”.

Integrity in Leadership

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