Special School Board Meeting

March the 6th is another special School Board Meeting. Below is the agenda:
Discussion Items
1. Superintendent Goals
2. Superintendent Contract
3. Principals will present Student Achievement

Another discussion concerning the Superintendent’s contract? It will be an interesting discussion and then the Board will again discuss Dr Cullen’s Goals. Where are the goals from the past? How did he and the Board do? Goals require measurements, when and where were the 2013 goals measured. This is not a goal, “to do good” or “to do better”. See you there!

Integrity in Leadership

P.S Lets look up the definition of a special school board meeting:

Special meetings
Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Board president at any time and shall be
called by the president upon the written request of a majority of the members.
The secretary of the Board shall be responsible for giving a written notice of any special
meeting to each Board member at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting if mailed and 24
hours in advance if hand-delivered personally to the member. The notice must contain time,
place and purpose of the meeting and names of the members requesting the meeting.
Any member may waive notice of a special meeting at any time before, during or after such
meeting, and attendance at a special meeting shall be deemed to be a waiver.
No business other than that stated in the notice of the meeting shall be transacted unless all
members are present and agree to consider and transact other business.

Adopted: 07/17/85
Revised: 10/15/09
Revised: 01/12/2012

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