Caucus Night

Caucus is tomorrow night. If you’ve hung in with a political party, this is the chance to make a statement. Be a delegate or vote for those who run to bring your values to the table. The last few years have at times been ugly and while we have made big gains in numbers since 2010 and we have gotten bloodied in some of our political battles, we are gaining in numbers. The strength in numbers gained or lost this time around could determine if the values and principles we say we will fight for become the center piece of the local party’s or remain ignored. Take an honest look at the make up of precincts, executive committees, and party officers and while there have been many frustrations, the numbers are not all that off from being able to turn things. Toss in the numbers of state legislators, local officials and candidates that are with us and the picture is much brighter.

This is a critical year on many fronts, but we can make it the year we finally take the ground we committed to in 2009 and reclaim our mountain. Please, go to caucus and be heard once more in this most critical time.
For our survey to date, 84 have responded and on the question of will you be running for delegate at the caucus, 47 have said they would. For those who are not, vote for those who will represent you or if you are not sure, please reconsider, take the matter in your own hands and run yourself.
Link to GOP caucus locations:

Integrity in Leadership

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