Fighting Washington is the keystone of Mike Kopp’s campaign. And nothing, except for maybe Obamacare, exemplifies Washington’s top-down initiatives on decisions best left to you and our communities, than the Common Core initiative in education.

Meet Mike and his family.

Nobody knows and cares more for a child’s education than that of a parent. That is why Mike Kopp supports educational options for parents to choose what works best for their child, whether it is traditional public school, public charter school, public virtual school, private school or homeschooling.

Children are not cookie dough waiting for the cookie cutter of centralized education standards to shape them into what some elitists in Washington think they should look like. That is why Mike Kopp opposes Common Core. Empower parents; not Washington. Support Mike today!


David Tschetter
Campaign Chairman

P.S. Give parents the rights to determine the best education for their children. Support Mike Kopp for Governor!


I have met Mike and discussed issues, and have giving him my support for Governor. He shares the values we really need in our State and nation. I also do not support Common Core agreeing that parents should be the lead on their children’s education, not a group of individuals in DC. Ash yourself this question, “has the government done anything to improve education in the past 20 to 50 years?” US is ranked below 20 in the world, yet we spend more per child than any other nation! Vote for Mike Kopp………………………………….

Integrity in Leadership

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