Candidates for Election- 2014 (January 7, 2014)

U. S. Senate
Floyd Trujillo
Randy Baumgardener- http://www.randybaumgardner .com
Ken Buck-
Owen Hill- http://www.owenhillforsenate .com
Tom Janich-
Jaime McMuillan-
Amy Stephens-

U. S. House of Representatives
Rep. Doug Lamborn, local – 719-520-0055

Colorado Governor
Greg Brophy – http://www.greg
Scott Gessler –
Steve House-
Mike Kopp-
Jim Rundberg- http://www.jimrundberg .com
Tom Tancredo-

Colorado Attorney General
Cynthia Coffman- http://www.cynthiacoffmanforag .com
Mark Waller – http://www.walleerforcolorado .com

Colorado Secretary of State
Wayne Williams-

Colorado State Treasurer
Walker Stapleton – www

Colorado State Senator
District 14
Dan Nordberg – .us
District 15
Gordon Klingenschmitt- infor@GordonForColorado .com
Mike Kuhn-
David Williams-
District 16
Janak Joshi- janak .us
District 17
Catherine (Kit) Roupe-
District 19
Paul Lundeen-
Dallas Brooks-
District 20
Terri Carver –
Mark Braunlich-
Miles Dewhirst – mdewhirst@dewhirstdolven .com
Dan Stanforth- danstanforth@hotmailcom

District 21-
Lois Landgraf

El Paso County Sheriff
Bill Elder – info@elder4sheriff .com
Jim Reid –
John Anderson

El Paso County Commissioner
District 1-
Darryl Glenn –
District 5-
Peggy Littleton – peggylittleton@elpasoco .com

El Paso County Treasurer
Duncan Bremer
David Kelly –
Mark Lowderman –

El Paso County Clerk and Recorder
Chuck Broerman- chuck.broerman@gmailcom
Patrick Carter or 719-645 3197

El Paso County Assessor
Steve Schleiker

I want to add with this disclaimer; that these are the candidates I know of and can not guarantee it is 100% up to date.

Integrity in Leadership

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