Mark Waller- Second Amendment

Colorado democrats are at it again.

This week, they doubled down on their efforts to restrict our second amendment rights when they killed two pro-second amendment bills in legislative committees.

They did it in the name of “public safety”.

As a former prosecutor, longtime member of the Criminal Justice Commission, and current legislator, I have worked tirelessly on the House Judiciary Committee, Committee on Legal services, and with members of law enforcement to enhance public safety.

I know limiting second amendment rights does nothing to make the public safer.

One of the reasons I’m running for Attorney General is to do all I can to ensure public safety while protecting your Constitutional rights.

You would think that after two successful recalls against gun-grabbing state senators, the Colorado democrats would respect the will of the people and vote to protect, not diminish, our right to bear arms.

That’s why, when I’m your Attorney General, I’ll use the power of the office to fight for public policy that restores our second amendment rights.

I know when law abiding citizens are free to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms, our communities are safer.

The fight is not over and I need your help!

Mark Waller





Integrity in Leadership

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