David Kelly for Treasurer

Being Treasurer,

Being Treasurer,

It’s More Than Counting Beans…

The Treasurer’s position is an important job; adhering to state statutes, collection of property taxes, custody of various funds, management, investment, disbursement of funds and much more.

I understand that you deserve to have your tax dollars protected, spent and invested wisely.  As Treasurer,  I will ensure you know exactly where your tax dollars are and where they’re going.  My life experiences in business, work, community and with family and friends has prepared me to serve you with integrity and honor.

For many of you, especially those who don’t know me, I’ll be going about the community to as many events as possible to meet you.  On February 27th I am hosting a meet and greet fundraiser (see below).  To find out more about me and my campaign, please visit my website: www.KellyForTreasurer.com , email me or call me 719-237-4598.

The Caucuses are a few weeks away.  Your support would be greatly appreciated!

As your Treasurer, you will have transparency second to none.

Meet & Greet / Fundraiser
February 27th  6pm
D’Vine Wines in Manitou Springs

Here’s an opportunity to visit with David and enjoy an evening at D’Vine Wines.

Suggested Contribution $30

David Kelly



Integrity in Leadership


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