Election News #5

Good Day, I will be posting legislative actions that are pending at the Capital.  Past to your friends the Potluck Café address.  Let’s be informed.  “Watching the news and the various legislative alerts, we know there is much going on this state legislative session that requires our attention. We will deal with HB 14-1164 in a separate e-mail as the implications to our election process could be grave and we want to see what changes are made as it goes through the Senate, having passed the House and to verify the various talking points that have been given on this bill. However, today we want to alert you to two important healthcare bills going to committee this week.”

Feb 4th HB 14-1135 Restrict General Fund Medicaid Expansion – JOSHI–LUNDBERG
Public Health and Human Services Committee

ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. The bill prohibits the use of general fund moneys for the new eligibility group in the medical assistance program that includes adults
who are childless or without dependent children with incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty line. If there are insufficient moneys to fund this eligibility group without using general fund moneys, the state department shall amend the state plan to decrease income eligibility or benefits or to eliminate the eligibility group.

The continued expansion of Medicaid is an increasing burden on state budgets and is critical to the implementation of Obamacare.

Bill link:  HB14-1135

Public Health and Human Services Committee Contacts e-mail page

Dianne Primavera, Chair
Dave Young, Vice-Chair
Kathleen Conti
Lois Landgraf
Amy Stephens
Justin Everett
Beth McCann
Max Tyler
Joann Ginal
Sue Schafer
Jim Wilson
Janak Joshi
Jonathan Singer

Staff Contact: Elizabeth Burger * Phone: (303) 866-6272
E-mail: elizabeth.burger@state.co.us

Feb 6th HB 1134 Health Care Navigator Registration Act – JOSHI–BAUMGARDNER
Health, Insurance, & Environment committee

NAVIGATORS. The bill creates the “Health Care Insurance Navigator Registration
Act” that requires a person acting as a health care insurance navigator
(navigator) to register with the division of registrations (division) within
the department of regulatory agencies. In order for a person to act or hold
himself or herself out as a navigator, the bill requires the person to meet specific requirements” .. This bill and Rep Joshi has received national attention and is required as Obamacare leaves open the real possibility of felons working in the state healthcare exchanges having access to your most personal and financial data .

National Review Article: Felonious Obamacare Navigators

Bill Link: HB14- 1134

Health Insurance & Environment Committee Contact info e-mail page:
Committee Members
Beth McCann, Chair
Sue Schafer, Vice-Chair
Rhonda Fields Janak Joshi Dianne Primavera
Joann Ginal
Lois Landgraf
Jonathan Singer
Steve Humphrey
Frank McNulty Spencer Swalm

Staff Contact: Amanda King * Phone: (303) 866-4332




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