Educate those that deserve it

Anom, think you for bringing up a subject that I feel strongly about.  Your concerns you have with education of your children is deserved

First I, do not agree with the belief that D22 seems to support, in that ALL children deserve the same.   As taxpayers we are required to provide an education opportunity not a standard education.  No child left behind, failure is not an option, I disagreed. 

If I had the opportunity to create a education program, lets say the Potluck Academy.  My school’s mission would be to educate those that wanted an education and those that demonstrate the energy and capability to learn.  My goal would be to product HIGHLY educated children.  Today it appears we spend more time, energy and money on the bottom 25% then the top 25%.  I believe that educators have lost the meaning of educating.  Distractions, lack of discipline and laziness would be unaccepted.  Non-involvement by parents would also be unacceptable.  Those falling short, “I’ll call it lack of interest” would be directed to alternative schooling.  The effort of the Potluck education program would be to graduate future leaders, educators and impactors.  The Potluck Academy would be out there recruiting children excited about learning and moving on those that didn’t.  I fully believe that my children were “lucky”, most schools they attended had advance programs and they pushed children to be apart of the advance group, but we had the opportunity to select; and education was and is important in our family. We waste so much education dollars on stuff that has nothing to do with developing educated young folks.  Parents must be held accountable.

Anom, I would be very upset that my child was being held back, take her someplace else. 



Integrity in Leadership


PS.  was anyone else disappointed in the “reorganization of the School Board”.   disappointing

  1. #1 by Cory Lastap on December 7, 2013 - 1:20 am

    What do you mean by the “reorganization ” of the new school board, as I was unable to attend the last meeting. thank you C

  2. #2 by Fayne on December 7, 2013 - 1:32 pm

    Response to Cody 2013-12-07

    Cody this weeks Ranchland stated that the new Board selected the following as officers: Mr Hudson; remains as president, Mr G Dahn; vice president, Mrs Twis remains secretary, Mr M Dahn treasurer. But again personal character seems to be not important.

    Integrity in Leadership

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