Voting Stats

Citizens just found the District’s voting stats.   Again I’m disappointed that Mr. Murray did not run for one of the 4 year seats.  Also surprised that Mr. Michael Dahn received fewer votes than Mr. Gary Dahn.  When I write using; Senior Dahn’s ( Michael’s Parent); it will not include Michael Dahn.  I was impressed by some of the statements Mr Michael Dahn used when he applied for the open Board seat.   We all must watch and assist in an effort to separate the school’s business from some of the Board members business.  I can see that it could be difficult.

I also would like all the diners at the Café read up on the new buzz phase, “Core Curriculum”.  It will soon be a well used phase in District 22.  I will begin post some articles to assist in informing my diners.

Veterans Program Monday at 2:30, 11 Nov

Soup and Salad; 1:00,   Nov 14th

Best of Luck Mr McWilliams

Ellicott SD 22 Director 4yr Vote for Three
Total Votes 1107

Beatrice M. Twiss       526                 47.52%
Michael Dahn              286                 25.84%
Gary Dahn                    295                 26.65%

Ellicott SD 22 Director 2yr Vote for One
Total Votes 781

Robert McWilliams         470          60.18%
Brian Robert Murray       311         39.82%

Integrity in Leadership

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