Election day is over

Good morning:

Taxpayers, at last count 74% have again spoken on both state-run education and tax increases.  I have voiced my opinion a number of times that we (the nation) has truly missed the educational boat or cover wagon.  Left leaning individuals seem to feel that just spend more money on a problem and it “has to be better”.

The Potluck Café would like to congratulate,  Robert McWilliams for his win.  Now it is time to remove Mr Hudson from the leadership position, put him at the end of the Table.  The citizens of this District should require a Yearly report from the District and Superintendent, stating what has been done this past year and the goals for this year.  What has the 2013 Board really done for our children and District?


I have cut & pasted articles concerning the election/voting please thank you family for voting again the Good-o Girls/Boys won another.




Colorado voters have rejected a $1 billion income tax hike for school funding.  Amendment 66, rejected Tuesday night, would have created wholesale changes for how Colorado funds public schools– from expanded preschool to more money for K-12 schools with high numbers of at-risk students.  The measure would have raised income taxes from 4.63 percent to 5 percent for taxable income up to $75,000 a year. Income above $75,000 would have been taxed at 5.9 percent.  The school funding overhaul was approved by lawmakers earlier this year but required voter approval to take effect.  Amendment 66’s loss means that Colorado will retain a flat income tax structure in place since the 1980s.

Most voters used mail ballots in strong turnout for ‘off year’ election

News: Local News Published: Tue, Nov 5, 2013

More than 138,000 El Paso County voters participated in Tuesday’s election, but poll voters were rare. During two weeks of early voting, 1,742 people hit the voting centers, including 183 who took advantage of a new state law that allows residents to register and cast a ballot on the same day


The Ellicott School District 22 board has faced several recall efforts in recent years, so there was not much interest in the seats. Incumbent Bea Twiss was unopposed, as were newcomers Gary Dahn and Michael Dahn, who are father and son.

Gary Dahn, who had started one of the unsuccesful recall efforts, predicts there will be more cooperation.

Michael Dahn said he and his father “have our own voices and won’t always agree on everything. But we want people to be able to communicate with the board, especially parents, and not be pushed away.”

Robert McWilliams was well ahead of Brian Murray for a two-year seat. “I will do the best job I can to bring the community back into our schools,” McWilliams said.



I’m writing this on the fly, as we are watching tonight’s election returns. Indications are that the largest proposed tax increase in Colorado history, Amendment 66, is going down to defeat.

We at Independence have led an educational effort to warn the families of Colorado of the danger of 66. As you know, the proponents of this 27% income tax increase raised a mind-boggling $10 million to sell it to voters. At least $4 million came from the education unions, and a million each from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates. By the way, $10 million would be enough to give 2,000 Colorado students a $5,000 scholarship to a school of their family’s choice.

Win or lose, I want to thank first and foremost those of you who invested in the Independence Institute, and our “Kids are First” educational project. Without that investment, we simply would not have been able to counter the false narrative that the only way to “reform” education is to put more of your money into a broken system.

So many organizations worked on a shoestring budget to advocate a “no” vote, including the feisty Coloradans for Real Education Reform, and Kids Before Unions.

Countless individuals stood up to take leadership. I can name but a few right now – Senator Bob Hagedorn, Senator Norma Anderson, Leslie White and the crew at AFP, Ken Clark, Molly Vogt, Laura Boggs, Kelly Maher, Michelle Lyng, Cherish Schaffer, John Brackney, Ben DeGrow, Jonathan Lockwood and so many more that are slipping my mind. I apologize for those I’m blanking out on – my Alzheimer’s and whiskey are making me forget. All I know is we couldn’t have done it without an amazing coalition of partners.

And a special shout out to the entirety of the Republican State Legislators who stood in unison in opposition to 66 and with Colorado families.

Now can we start the conversation of how to reform education without raising taxes?

Straight on,

Jon Caldara





Integrity in Leadership

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