Fellow Taxpayer

Amendment 66 is bad for Colorado
Fellow Taxpayer!Many of us in Colorado are beginning to dread Election Day, which-now often means yet another proposed tax increase. This time it is Amendment 66, which had already passed the legislature and now only needs your stamp of approval to start doling out the cash.  This proposal will require a $1 billion dollar tax increase this year and every year thereafter, forever, if it passes. The proponents assure us this massive hemorrhaging of funds from the citizens and into the pockets of government bureaucracy will solve the problems of our education system.  Do our elected officials consider the plight of struggling Coloradoans, including the 19,000 who just lost their homes to flooding, in our state?  They expound the same old line, “Give us this money, and you won’t hear from us again!” However; I urge you not to take them at their word but to look at their track record.

Amendment 23, passed in 2000, was going to resolve the problems of funding education in our state. This Amendment created a constitutional guarantee of annual increases of spending for education, beginning with inflation + population + 1% each year for the first 10 years.  These automatic increases are continuing to this day!

Let’s not forget Referendum C, which passed in 2005.  It represented the largest single tax increase in the history of our state and was yet another so called solution to the problem of funding education.  This year, we are told the same fairy-tale regarding the marijuana tax.  Fellow Coloradoans, let us acknowledge the obvious – the bottomless pit of government bureaucratic greed will NEVER be satisfied.

Do you actually trust them to solve our educational problems by throwing yet more money at it and hope it lands in the right place?    In this time of economic hardship for so many, could not our     children be best served by keeping this money out of the hands of Denver bureaucrats and instead left in the hands of their parents, allowing them to make their own decisions.

Can YOU afford another tax increase?Please Vote for the children. Vote NO on Amendment 66.

Gregory N. Golyansky, President
Colorado Union of Taxpayers



Integrity in Leadership

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