I voted


Well you should have received your ballot by now, but please don’t put it in the mail basket, put it on the table and mark it or discuss it at dinner.  A study conducted in 2008 showed that the later a ballot sits the less thought goes into the decision.  We all forget and get in a hurry.  Mine is in the mail!

I was asked what I meant when I discussed an El Paso Rural School District, what I put on the table was combining the small school districts into one Rural District.  There are 5 or more small districts, struggling and seeking the best way to educate our children.  Administration cost in itself spends a large percentage of the tax-payers dollars, every school district has personnel, facilities and duplication of so much more.  I have question why Colorado Springs has so many districts for a “small” city, no answers.  I’ll use Las Vegas, since I’m familiar with the Clark County School District.  A city of 600K (Colorado Springs 432K), military community, with a single School District.  Clark County is one of the largest school District’s in the nation.  The District educates 311,00 students and employees 37,000; yet it spends less per student in administration cost than anyone else in the nation.  It is also surprising the Superintendent does not have a DR in front of this name, just an educator with a vision.  Can we do better, outside the box?





Integrity in Leadership

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