Voting time again

Well you should be receiving your ballot in the next few days, got mine today.  I would like to challenge each of you to study you ballot.  Each line item, each sentence, please understand what you are saying yes or no to.   In reviewing my ballot it is a short one so again I will not mark anyone in the Ellicott School District 22, candidate box.  I made this choice based on future flexibility.

I have written before that Amendment 22 is wrong and another step to take more money from the citizens and add it to the black hole called education.  Just a quick search of the number of passed amendments that  “was to save Colorado’s education”, there has been at least 3 and a number of add-on laws.  Ask yourself who is gaining, maybe it is again the unions.

–I will again be called the bad-o-boy instead of the good-o-boy when I say that we are consuming so much of our educational dollar supporting or helping non-citizens or non-English speaking students.  There are some local schools where 42% of the student are non-English speaking.  Schools having to hire interpreters, requiring a percentage of their teachers to speak Spanish and requiring Spanish-speaking person to attend parent-teacher meetings.  I really feel for the children who attends our schools; but goes home to a non-English speaking family.  Do some research say Japan, Germany and Korea they do not adjust the educational process to teach children to speak their national language.  So we have a negative when we have a large number of students that have difficulty understanding the language of our nation.  These student also have difficulty when assistance is required at home.

–Remember that there is at least two white elephant sells coming up this weekend, so bring your or buy theirs.



Integrity in Leadership

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