The Gazette; Sunday Oct 13, 2013

“It’s Complex”, written by Debbie Kelly and Carol Mc Graw


“Major question, “What makes a successful school?”  Everyone has a plan but again no single path has proven to be the Key.  Here is a list of some from the article:

-Strong leadership with vision, focus and buy in from staff

-Exemplary teachers

-Trust and Collaboration among staff

-High expectation for all students

-Accountability for everyone, including students

-Parental involvement

-Tutoring and intervention programs

-Some technology

-Preschool and all-day kindergarten

-School choice

-Administrative focus and mastery of system of system; data, communications, management, classroom

-Beliefs and values that drive a school’s mission



Most educators caution that there’s no major formula to get high standardized test scores, but schools that score poorly MUST adopt strict improvement programs.

Great quote from Chris Gibbons, founder and CEO of STRIVE Preparatory Schools, “the culture of a school, its’ beliefs and values-drivers academic success.  Do they believe that all can go to college, that parents matter in education, that hard work leads to success?”  “Joy”, in being there is a key, a requirement in success for the student, parent and staff.”

 We need to score District 22 using the above list.  Would we pass?  The article highlights Hanover schools and its’ Superintendent,  Paul McCarty.  We should give he and his students  a round of applause.

Everyone should read the Sunday paper, I don’t agree with McGraw most of the time but this articles highlights where we are not.  There is very little JOY in District 22.



Integrity in Leadership


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