Monday night thoughts

–So disappointing that not a single, repeat single member of the Board responded to my email.  A public servant should respond to those they claim to be servicing.  Are my questions/comments just too hard?  Dr Cullen did respond but could not really explain what really happened (for the fairy dust).  He stated it was not a District sponsored event.  I wonder who invited the EDUCATE CO.  I understand the soup and salad lunch was also a “how great Amendment 66 will be”.  Would we agree that if the Superintend passed out a document that only discusses the positive side of Amd 66; would you say that he and the Board must support the  amendment?  Again when will the board start listening to the citizens?  We ask question and would like responses or answers.

–I really don’t know what excited the Café readers yesterday and today; but the Café had nearly 200 hits, one of the top 10, biggest days since the opening.

–If I can get some handouts on Amendments 66, I’ll be handing them out.  I had a couple of organizations state they would come out to talk about why they don’t support Amendment 66; but time is too short so we try to inform in other ways.  There will be a great discussion on the Amendment 66 on 1460AM this Sat a 2:00PM, tune in.  A question we should ask our Board and Super, (District 22 has more money than any other rural District and individuals complain about the level of education our children are receiving), what does more dollars get us?  As you know; I do not believe that more money improves everything.  It takes quality individuals with a vision and the courage to execute .

–One of the issues that continue to surface is the turnover in teachers and staff.  Here is another question; just how many teachers started the 2011-12 school year that did not start the 2013-14 year?  Wasn’t that one of the campaign issues.

–Does anyone know what happened to the house the District owns?  Is it rented?   Are we making any return on the investment, if rented?

–What is the status of the financial department?  The district had two individuals and released one, retired one and now it appears we hired one and are hiring another, what is the differences in the amount of dollars that is being paid out?  Wasn’t the purpose to reduce the overall cost.  Did they?

–Folks don’t forget the school board meeting this Thur night, tape the football game and attend.




Integrity in Leadership

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