Americans for Prosperity

Dear voters,While other states are trimming budgets and cutting red tape, Governor Hickenlooper is leading Colorado in the opposite direction. Governor Hickenlooper’s billion dollar tax plan, known as Amendment 66, would impose a new progressive tax structure that will increase the Centennial states income tax rate by as much as 27% for middle-class Coloradans.

Coloradans should be warned that the organization pushing Hickenlooper’s  tax hike is Colorado Commits for Kids, and not surprisingly they aren’t  presenting the whole story. The “$1 billion cuts” to education funding they continue to highlight completely ignores other sources of revenue that go towards education spending. When comprehensively considering all sources, public school revenues and expenditures have only increased over the past several years, as seen in the state’s own data. In fact, Colorado’s per pupil public school       expenditures have grown at a rate faster than both the state’s gross domestic product and personal income.

While Colorado ranks seventh among the states for eighth grade  performance on reading, 40 states that academically fare worse spend more per pupil. The tax-and-spend policy of Governor Hickenlooper isn’t working in other states, and won’t work in Colorado.

Sign our petition to let Governor Hickenlooper know, Colorado can’t afford his billion dollar tax hike.

In Liberty,

Dustin Zvonek
Colorado State Director
Americans for Prosperity



Integrity in Leadership

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