Dear Friend,

The House this week passed bills to protect both businesses and individuals from the trainwreck that is ObamaCare. This legislation would delay each onerous ObamaCare mandate for one year. I remain committed to repealing the entire bill and view this as a step in that direction.

I introduced an amendment to the defense spending bill this week that would prohibit the Pentagon from doing any more furloughs after October 1st of this year. That amendment still has a ways to go in the legislative process, but I will push hard to get it into law because I believe civilian furloughs are unnecessary. I am pleased to share that the Pentagon agreed with my request to grant furlough waivers for those individuals directly affected by the Black Forest Fire.

In the House Natural Resources Committee, I had the opportunity to question the new Secretary of the Interior about the administration’s priorities when it comes to managing federal lands. On the one hand, President Obama is seeking to cut $115 million that would reduce the build up of hazardous fuels in our federal forests, while at the same time seeking to increase funding for things such as buying more lands. Our top priority should be clearing out underbrush and reducing the possibility of catastrophic fires.

Also, the House passed a bill this week that I think many of you will like, H.R. 5, the Student Success Act. This legislation would remove federal mandates on our local schools, allow federal dollars to follow our most vulnerable children to better schools, and make it easier for states to expand charter and magnet school opportunities for students.

Also, you may find the results of last week’s survey on how to cut federal spending interesting. This week’s survey is about the role of the federal government in education — just what it should or should not be.

It is an honor to serve you in Washington.




Integrity in Leadership

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