Newsflash……..get your dictionaries out; have you noticed some have turned the discussion into how we gather the data, what some call the process used to collect and who the data is collected from.  Good info,; but as long as we play the state education game our hands are limited as to what we can do.  Data can overwhelm us all.  This has been discussed in the café a number of times; but unless the state changes its approach we are limited. We must understand,  cyclical factors, longitudinal data, cohort data, crunch data, gosh interesting.  It has been discussed in the past “disregard” the title of the process, that the best trend data is a long-term following of the subject and a multi-data collecting process.  I have heard individuals say, “we can punish others by not doing well on TACP test”, “it does not hurt the kid in any way.”  Do some review of standardized testing nationwide, problems everywhere.  Again too much government!  Should it not be a community’s decision?

There are commenter’s that discuss medication of our children, others that talk about “the schools”, others about teachers., others about data collection.  All are issues in the mix.  Hard to execute the education process without all of these issues.  But as the Chef has stated many-many time I feel most commenter’s are missing the major cause.   My position is that, a) too much medication, b) poor data understanding, c) poor mission statement, d) unmeasurable goals and e) very poor leadership.  But the number one element in education or the care for our children in still the PARENTS.  Some seem to point at so many elements, but PARENTS are the first level of responsibility.  We need to demand accountability.


“These diagnoses are detrimental at so many levels, but not as dangerous as the medications that are used to quote unquote *TREAT* these behavioral problems. What many people do not understand is that once a child is medicated, the school makes more money. This is ludicrous and a tool that is often abused so as to enhance funding at the cost of healthy brains and physiology.”   My opinion, this is a dangerous and misleading statements,  I have had two citizens ask me about the District providing meds to our children.  Let me clearly state the District cannot provide meds to your children, only you the parent can, the nurse can hand out meds and only what they are provided by the parent.  The District is not medicating your children.  who EVER made this misleading statement, shame.  It is illegal for schools to give children meds without parent/state permission.  Don’t become a poor informational citizen.  Yes,  I do agree that we over medicate our children, but it first starts in the family.

Isn’t it still strange that individuals are still fighting the same custodial issues.  Did anyone really make any money?  The contract was offered to the proper company.  Now maybe the problem is that the Administration is not enforcing the contract, no one is complaining.  I have administered many contracts you must provide feedback to the contractors or you do get what you are receiving.



Integrity in leadership

  1. #1 by You missed the point again on June 29, 2013 - 8:17 am

    “Let me clearly state the District cannot provide meds to your children, only you the parent can, the nurse can hand out meds and only what they are provided by the parent. The District is not medicating your children.”

    Yes, Fayne, you are absolutely right. The school cannot medicate your children without your knowledge. But you missed the point! The school district gets money from the feds for every medicated child. A LOT of money. So, the point was, school districts sometimes recommend that the parents medicate the child, even when there are other options, in order to get more money from the government. The more students who are medicated (yes, with prescription medication given by the parents) the more funding the district gets.

  2. #2 by Fayne on June 29, 2013 - 11:26 am

    Response to “You missed the point again”
    What point did I miss? The District (22) or any District can’t medicate without permission. I would really like to follow-up on your belief that School Districts would medicate children to get additional funding. Who, where? Also if true the Federal and State government is truly the problem, providing money. Again if a parent would take the word or leadership of a teacher or administrator, when it comes to medicating their child, there are other major issues. I also would say that if a teacher does or did he or she should be corrected and stopped. Not a teachers place. Highlight the issue yes; but not making medical recommendations.
    Again the word as I write is not your “knowledge” it is with parent’s PERMISSION.
    I will also ask and research to see if D22 makes money and how much the state/feds pay.

    Integrity in Leadership

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