It is Friday night

Well here it is another Friday night, all dressed up and waiting for the proper time to head out to our local watering hole.  A little music, some two stepping, sharing some laughs with friends and planning the future.  Isn’t Friday night great, we call it date night, everyone should have a date night at least once a month.  So I try to finish this up before my “live-in” gets home.

What does the dictionary do for us?  My understanding is that it provides meaning to words.  In the past few years I have had a few individuals kick me in the knee for some of the words I have used so I do try to use the correct words for what I truly mean.  Words do mean something, they do paint pictures, they assist us or some of us to explain our positions.  At least I have a position, I stand for my  positions, and I believe they are right.  To the writer of the Ear, words are important and I didn’t use those words.  If you had anything really to say, I hope you use the “exact” words.  My words were a question, “what if” the District’s charged for those special subjects would those that want these subjects be willing to pay for them?   There is so much capability in distant learning arena; that if parents were willing to share in the cost, students could take Hindu if they wanted to.   Here I sat asking myself why do I respond to the Ear, when this person is in the pocket of current Board members.

Mr Ear, yes the Board President did receive enough votes to “win” the election; but how was the election won?  But within a year there was nearly enough citizens that stood up and signed a recall petition to recall him.  Yes, we made a mistake and the recall effort failed by 10 names.  The Recall Group did prove that many voters made a mistake, we learned from our mistakes and will ensure the same mistake isn’t made this time.   Citizen’s keep your pin close by the front door.  Again to the Ear, our recall effort was a public discussion, it was called the petition.  I’ll have to go back and check my notes but believe that I had less than five (maybe really one) that said they would not sign the petition because they supported Mr Hudson.  Yes for those low information voters it takes a period of time before they understand they made a mistake.  But again, we will let the voters decide, want we!

Another question for the Ear, who do you think would be a good member of the District’s school Board?  Describe your candidate?

Yes, it is called public input.

To those that read the Ear, the following statement is false, and shows a lack of knowledge of life.  The word ” must”  include savings, do some research to see the number of Districts that had to lay off teachers and staff this past year.  Just how does the District prepare for next few years, each year the dollars we receive goes up and down.  Where does this statement come from “sufficient funds”?   So do you spend every dollar you receive?  So hope your roof doesn’t start leaking or you get a tooth ache.

Just read what the Ear believes about saving, could you vote for anyone that is supported by this belief?  Especially if they believe the same as it does, spend everything.  This is not what I believe or support.

“He talks about saving school funds with no understanding that every penny the district gets from local, state and federal government must be used to provide an education to the students.  Just how does not spending (saving school district money) help any educational effort?  What does he want to save money for; some “what if” statement or theory?  State law requires sufficient funds to pay your salaries and bills, not some made up number of 12 months of expenses in some savings account.”

Concerning the District’s Curriculum Facilitator, lets’ wait to see.

Concerning the custodian contract, is the EAR saying that the contract was illegal?  It appears to have been handled the same way/process that the IT contract and the finance contract, which is being considered currently.  Define the requirement, release to the public, review/interview the bids, make a decision and then announce.   There a very few legal ways to reject bidders, I believe trashing a bid because an owner is the spouse of someone else, isn’t one of them.  I was here, I did look at the process, the bid did save the District dollars (when the contract was released).  I will check the current cost of the contract. but a question the Ear should have asked, “has anything been added to the contract?  Each time the District adds a new requirement, the Company has the right to add a cost.  Let me add what I would do, it appears that a number of bloggers have a problem with citizens of this District receiving contracts, why is that?  If everything is public, may the best company win.  I really have a problem with some folks believing that if a local company serves the District something is wrong.  We should support our local business.

Did he receive a “section 8” discharge?  For those who don’t know a “section 8” discharge is usually used to get rid of mentally unstable individuals; such as those who see imaginary conspiracies.   Now again at what mature level is the Ear at now.  Come on over and I show you my medals, then you could show me your.  HAHA.

Well, it is time to go and feed the cows so until the next time.  One final statement, why is the School Board meeting being changed again.  Just because one Member can’t attend is that a real reason to moved the schedule meeting?


Integrity in Leadership

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