The WolfMan Speaks back

The Chef is howling again.  Checking the past menus I easily found at least 11 statements/request for accountability for Board members down to the Superintendent, to the Principals, to the teachers, to the parents, to the students and  the community.  Now; who did I miss?  I have always and continue to state, please read carefully, “EVERYONE THAT COLLECT A PAYCHECK FROM ANYONE, PRIVATE OR PUBLIC, SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR PRODUCTION OR LACK-OF”!  This will make a good election sign. As an employer; you pay for production and you fire for lack-of.  To those that seem to be unable to understand; does that make it clear enough?  Ever employee, should have and most do, an evaluation process; problem is some or most employers fail to annotate weakness.  Let them leave/resign, make it someone else’s problem, why is that?

I want to stand up and cheer for the teacher and District’s employees for attending the Board meetings.  I know that there is some real concern for their jobs but it is great to see the courage.  The Union rep is a plus also.  Note to our Teachers, find a spoke person, demand a employee’s survey.  I believe the citizens of the District should also conduct a survey, score the School Board, the Superintendent and the District’s approach to education.  Maybe I’ll work on one.  Just how many teachers and employees will not return next year, we will see, want we.

Concerning the superintendent’s friend, seems to be true, just didn’t happen, yet.   We should again ask the Board President at the next Board meeting.  Wasn’t that an agenda item? then it wasn’t an agenda item, then into executive session and then it was tabled.  Hiring friends and family?  May the 2nd, appears that the ground work maybe forming, Mrs Garduno is being moved to another position, does that leave a position open?  Step one maybe complete tonight.  Mrs Garduno is now an assistant principal, that leaves the curriculum position open.  Here I go stating what I would do, each school has an assistant principal, so they have a curriculum person.  There is no need for a person doing just curriculum. We now have seven administration personnel, do we need eight?

Questions to the EllicottEar or the Board President:

–It would be nice so Please provide a list of all the current/past contractors (working for the District).  Lets’ see who is/has been working for the District and making all that money.  Maybe there should be a list posted on the Website.

–Does some feel that just because a married couple applies for positions at the District only one should/can work for the District?

–There is a state process to which a person can file a lawsuit/complaint if they feel they are being wronged in the hiring process.  So why can’t the best qualified be hired.

–I understand that there may be change to the policy that would limit as to who can run for the School Board, can see a possible lawsuit there.  If the Citizens want whomever then they should be allowed to run.  remember there is a voting process.  Maybe I should visit the ACLU, they work for the wronged.

As for as ideas/suggestions from the Chef, I believe that on most post I ask questions and provide my approach/suggestions.  But to understand my approach you must read what I write not just hate.

Savings:  it appears that the EllicottEar and some of the School Board believes that if you have a dollar then you should spend it.  Like to see his budget.  Most individuals that has any SMART approach to finance would tell you that you need emergence funds, families 6-12 months, businesses 3-16 months of operational funds and School District’s again 6-8 months of operational funds.  Even this Board once agreed to 33 % of the yearly operational funds.  So Mr Ear what is your credit score?  I’ll have to check but I can’t believe that the operating reserve fund has increased by much, if any.  The District has hire additional teachers, bought a bus, bought IT equipment and now remodeling an OLD house.  Where does this “spend every penny” come from?  Look at the Districts that had to reduce the staff this past year and some continues now.  District 22 can survive a budget cut.  This time the Chef is crying ”Wolf”.  It is not school money it is Taxpayer money for education.   Yes, the District does get funds from the government and citizens, but we do expect saving.

As far as suggestions to improve the education of our kids, at least 10 suggestions in past blogs.  After attending the 2-May School Board Meeting another thing I would not do is trying to fool the community with tricks.  Mr Hudson and Mr Rehkopf tried to pull a big one over on this community.

Another suggestion is to make changes that has had some thought behind them.  There are some of the Board members that looks two inches not years.  It is time to replace them.  Readers talk to your friends and neighbors we need honest citizens on the Board, we need thinkers.  We need good women and men not angry men.


Integrity in Leadership

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