Response to a EllicottEar’s posting

I said I would not respond to any thing from the Ear, but this is my opportunity to show how untrue this blogger’s posting are.  Please read his last posting.  I will also respond to the Insider and InComp (yes we know).

Fayne McDowell wrote that he felt that he was qualified to be the Ellicott School District’s superintendent of schools.  UnTrueI don’t believe this is true, please print the reference.     Well, now McDowell writes that he feels that he is qualified to be on the Ellicott Board of Education; and not only on the board, but the president of the board.  Yes, I feel that I could be a Board member and serve as the President.  Further, he writes that he has some plans to “improve” and “fix” the education that the students receive.  Yes, I do.  I also have a position on what education should be.

The SOS group and McDowell seem to support the following ideas.  McDowell writes that one of the first things he would do would be to charge parents $200 per period for any students taking Spanish.  UnTrue, this is what was said, “ What if we had to pay for the extras, say if we wanted our children to learn Spanish and the cost was published to be $200.00 per period, just how important would it be now.”   I guess the word “What if” means nothing to the Ear.  To the Ear, this was an example.

amazing about McDowell’s idea is that not only is it illegal, but  it completely ignores the state requirement that every student that wants to graduate from an accredited high school with a state approved diploma, must complete 1 year of a foreign language.  Untrue again, it is not illegal.  Where does the State require Spanish, yes, a foreign language does not require Spanish. 

McDowell has other ideas on his blog.  Apparently, he would want to commit fraud on the district’s insurance company, because he writes that he would not fix the district owned school-house using the insurance money given to the district to fix the roof and siding.  Untrue again, show me where the words “insurance company” or “money paid by the insurance” was printed.   Plus not sure not using the money would be fraud, Ear should read the policy.  The company paid for the damage does not require you to use it, just sign a document that ensures you can’t claim this damage again.  Plus I said SELL IT.   

I guess that McDowell does not have any problem in breaking laws.  Everyone should remember that he was arrested for violation of a restraining order.  Yes I was, but all charges were dropped.

He has failed to understand that the district receives extra money from the state because it does provide industrial arts classes.  Yes, it does, next question is “how much does the classes cost and does it enhance the education of Ellicott’s children.

If you follow McDowell’s thinking,  The Ear can’t even read my posting correctly so why would someone think he could understand my thinkingDid not say to do away with but would not be adding unless it would improve the kids ability to read and write.

McDowell writes that he will run for the school board in November, UnTrue, again never said I had decided to run.

Yes, I will be knocking on as many doors as possible.  I would be willing to take the chance.  

Asked for a comment, members of the current school board just smiled and said no comment.   Which Board member did the Ear ask, the President.

Now a sad comment.  I received an email as a PTA member that the District’s PTA would be deciding some, whether to disband or not.  This is because of the lack of parents being involved.  This is sad, No PTA because the student’s parents aren’t willing to get involved.  Again it seems to be someone else’s issue.


Integrity in Leadership

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