Freakin’ Fed Up–some very good words

Freakin’ Fed Up on February 20, 2013 at 9:13 pm

I want to say THANKS.  You are so right.  Proof or shut-up.  I get angry at myself when I get caught-up in the back and forth.  But I hope those that read the Potluck understand the true purpose for my comments, to try to voice the other side.  There is a culture in the District that prohibits employees from speaking to the citizens, openly.   I so agree with the position that you seem to address, “if someone is breaking the law, call the SHERIFF.”  I have read about so many illegal actions since starting the Potluck.  Stealing money, hiding money, paying off individuals, child abuse, creeping, and embezzlement; doesn’t knowing and not reporting a crime also?  Yes, we elect individuals to represent us and protect the assets we “loan” them.  Elected officials do have some freedom/protections; but they also can be held accountable if they fail to act as a normal person should.  Not reporting is close to the act itself.

If and that is a very big if, someone is writing Ebert or anyone else unapproved checks, the board is approving it/them each and every month they approve the budget.  Question; why would all 5 board members and the Superintendent let something illegal go by.  But; lets’ say they are, then they too are guilty.  We must remember the board is made up of five very separate individuals, the chance to get all five to agree to allow a crime is very remote, agree.

FF, I’m sorry you feel that the Potluck is bantering to protect my friends and my agenda.  What I hope I do is voice the other side.  Don’t you agree that on most things there are two sides.  Question for you; how would you suggest parents, taxpayers get their information?    Look at history, when only one side is allowed to reach the citizens.  Look at the political world, there are only a few organizations that voice the other side, what if those were taken away?  Germany of the 1940’s, Cuba, Iran and most of Africa.

For some reason I feel that there are points that need to be published, There are those that just feel they have the right to step on others.  The other side, I’ll call them the quite folks, their side must be told.

FF toward the end of you post you started to join with the EE, what money, checks and those other rumors.  If the Board, Superintendent approved the Budget last month and they did; then the transactions were approved, don’t join in with all the rumors.

It is up to those that read the blogs and any other materials to be smart enough to determine the truth.  Citizens of Ellicott must understand there are two sides and then the middle, it would be wonderful if we all held hands and sang songs but that’s heaven, not his world.



Integrity in Leadership

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