Note from El Paso County, New Republican Chairperson

Fellow Republicans, Colleagues, Teammates, and Friends:


Although I’m rarely at a loss for words, I am honored beyond them to be your new Chairman. Your Vice Chairman, Sandra Bankes, your Secretary, Mary Bradfield, and I are excited to begin this two-year journey with you to build and grow our Party into the dominant political organization that our passionate Republican brothers and sisters deserve.  Sandra, Mary, and I met yesterday with Executive Director, Bill Roy and our outgoing Chairman, Eli Bremer, to transition operations and develop action plans for our immediate needs. We have an excellent opportunity to build upon a healthy organization, but momentum must be maintained with creativity, contribution, and hard work. I know we’re up to the task.  For now, all existing processes, policies, and procedures will remain in place, but you can be sure we will review our entire operations for areas of improvement.   The core values of the Air Force Academy are Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. It’s only fitting that we, in view of the Academy, adopt the same standards for our conduct in the coming years. We owe our fellow Republicans nothing less than honesty, fairness, service, and excellence in our personal and organizational conduct. As I said Saturday–our Party will be as we are, no better, no worse.


Let’s choose to be great.



Jeff Hays


Greetings 2012 Central Committee Members:


Congrats to all who participated in the various elections at the Organizational Meeting — we appreciate your participation in the political process!


Central Committee Election Results – February 9, 2013

County Party Chair – Jeff Hays

County Party Vice-Chair – Sandra Bankes

County Party Secretary – Mary Bradfield


House District 14

Chairperson – Rexford Louth

Vice-Chair – Robert Apodaca

Secretary – Holly J. Williams


Division Leaders: 14A-Consuelo Williams; 14B-James Sim; 14C-Dan Herrod; 14D-Robert Apodaca; 14E-unfilled; 14F-Joe Woyte; 14G-Matt Plummer.


House District 15

Chairperson – Jonathan J. Frazier

Vice-Chair – Larry Rainey

Secretary – Vicki Broerman

Division Leaders: 15A-Michael Cantin; 15B-unfilled; 15C-Alfred Coxe III; 15D-Holly Coco; 15E-John Selaya; 15F-Sabrina Rainey.


House District 16

Chairperson – Donny Rodgers

Vice-Chair – Ken Kohlwaies Jr.

Secretary – Lana Fore-Warkocz


Division Leaders:  16A – Debbie Chaves; 16B – Jamie Thomas; 16C – Matt Niedowski; 16D – D.R. Engle; 16E – Unfilled; 16F – Andy Pico; 16G – Unfilled; 16H – Cami Bremer; 16I – Sheryl Glasgow; 16J – David Stiver.


House District 17

Chairperson – Helen Collins

Vice-Chair – Garland Turley

Secretary – Nancy Meadows


Division Leaders: 17A-Kathryn Zamudis; 17B-unfilled; 17C-Daniel Ajamian; 17D-Bob Mathews; 17E-unfilled.


House District 18

Chairperson – Holly Villa

Vice-Chair – Frederick B. (Ted) Andrews

Secretary – Shirl Lee Huscher

Division Leaders:  18A-Gino Mendoza; 18B-Brad Collins; 18C-Welling Clark; 18D-Robert Shoop; 18E-unfilled; 18F-Debra J. Cecil; 18G-Shirl Lee Huscher; 18H-Cheryl Oleyar; 18I-unfilled.


House District 19

Chairperson – Sandra Foote

Vice-Chair – Don Olmstead

Secretary – Marsha Brewer

Division Leaders:  19A-Anne Campbell; 19B-Duncan Bremer; 19C-Al Maurer; 19D-Justus Anderson; 19E-Judith Jergensen; 19F-Jennifer Daines; 19G-Irene Arndt; 19I- David R. Kinnischtzke.


House District 20

Chairperson  — Don McCurdy

Vice-Chair – Jon Macomber

Secretary – Sue Meals

Division Leaders:  20A – Randy Fritz; 20B – Deb Minnery; 20C – Ann Macomber; 20D – Ray Hicks; 20E – Sue Meals; 20F – Robert Roulier; 20G – Dennis Pirio.


House District 21

Chairperson – Sharon Thompson

Vice-Chair – Kathy Hisey

Secretary – Merilou Athens-Barnekow

Division Leaders:  21A-Ken Magnuson, 21B-Mary Bradfield; 21C-Gerald (Jerry) Grotkier; 21D-Charlie Ehler; 21E-Merilou Athens-Barnekow.


Senate District 9

Chairperson – Kay Rendleman

Vice-Chair – Al Maurer

Secretary – Susan Cunniff


Senate District 10

Chairperson – Sheryl Glasgow

Vice-Chair – Lana Fore-Warkocz

Secretary – Ken Kohlwaies Jr.


Senate District 11

Chairperson – Richard C. Williams

Vice-Chair – Welling Clark

Secretary – Cheryl Oleyar


Senate District 12

Chairperson – David W. Louderback

Vice-Chair – Bobby Gene James

Secretary – Donald “DJ” Alberts


County Commissioner District 1

Chairperson – Robert McCombs

Vice-Chair – Robyn Cafasso

Secretary – Consuelo Williams


County Commissioner District 2

Chairperson – Ryan Parsell

Vice-Chair – Sabrina Rainey

Secretary – Gary Frazier


County Commissioner District 3

Chairperson – Paul Paradis

Vice-Chair – Lisa Czelatdko

Secretary – Alex Johnson


County Commissioner Distrist 4

Chairperson – Russ Roux

Vice-Chair – Sharon Brown

Secretary – Joan Lucia-Treese


County Commissioner District 5

Chairperson – Daniel Ajamian

Vice-Chair – Erika Chaves

Secretary – Gail J. Wise


Here are the elected Bonus Members (17 men, 17 women):

Wayne Williams   Kay Rendleman
Clem Borkowski   Kanda Calef
Bob Balink   Lana Fore-Warkocz
Brad Collins   Debbie Chaves
William Casey   Nancy Meadows
Don Rodgers   Peggy Littleton
Bob McCombs   Holly Williams
Bobby James   Robyn Cafasso
Robert Apodaca   Ann Macomber
Michael Gearhart   Danielle Glassner
Isaiah Hess   Sheryl Glasgow
Jonathan Frazier   Amy Mitchell
Reb Williams   Sandi Foote
Craig Lendal   Mary Bradfield
Eli Bremer   Larua Carno
Randy Licht   Helen Collins
Duncan Bremer   Michelle Morin


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