Is the School Board’s Spending out of Control?

Comments to the 07 Thursday Feb 2013 post from the Insider

There is a so much that needs to be said and fixed but there continues to be those that just writes stuff.  Insider just where do you get your information?  I have never heard any of the SOS members or any other person say, don’t spend money on asset repairs.  Insider, what is the District not doing well on?  Remember it is the School Board that handles facilities and money.  Concerning the house is it worth repairing?  And what is the District doing owning an old house?  There was some discussion concerning leasing it out to someone for a day care, but is it worth it?  There are houses vacant all around the community.  Again you continue to point your finger at the SOS group; but again I can’t find a member that has said a word about the house.  There are maintenance funds in the budget.  Items that happen, are to be covered by the saving account; but first the School Board much decide to address the issue.  There are five members of the Board, any of them could make a motion, as far as I know none have.  The Board draft and post the proposal for work, and then interested person submit their bids.  Have you seen a posting of any work requirements?  I haven’t.  Can we please stop blaming the SOS group for everything or say who said or did it.  All you are doing is what you blame others for, continuing rumors or starting them. In my opinion the District has no business being a landlord, it should be educating Ellicott’s children.

Concerning the baseball field, believe there are a number of problems with the field and there has been discussions concerning trying to get it fixed.  Maybe the District needs a grounds keeper, maybe you can volunteer.

Insider, do you really know anything about the track, or the water well or anyone getting a raise?  Remember that the School Board must approve raises.  Have you asked the Board President?  I believe the District is spending money on many un-budgeted items.  This is and has been a concern of the SOS group, just spending money.  I also will research un-budgeted expenditures.  The District School Board has a President, come to the next meeting and ask him, instead of starting rumors.

I asked the Insider a number of questions and as tonight, not a single answer?  Still waiting…………………


Integrity in Leadership

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