The Mucker is Knee Deep in Muck

Thanks again for sending me the last posting of “Mrs Muck”.  She just continues to add to the pile, some day we will know who the mucker is.

Let make it so perfectly clear, I do not call individuals that disagree with me names as long as they are honest in their disagreement.  In fact I enjoy debating, but I have not the time for individuals that hide and lie about others.  I’m going to post the “Mucks” last posting just in case so of my readers don’t read her garbage.  I want readers to read my post and see what she says I said.  The only way to prove a lie is to prove is a lie.  If you have read many of my post you will see that I’m always asking for the bloggers to “prove it”, “examples”.  So here I go again:

1.  Who has the SOS/3Cs or the Chef identified and what does identified mean?

2.  Who has the SOS/3Cs or the Chef ridiculed and what was said?

3.  Who has the SOS/3Cs or the Chef made fun of and what was said?


Now read Mrs Mucker’s post:


How to Build A Community Team: According to the SOS/3C’s

Posted on December 18, 2012 by ellicottear


According to Fayne McDowell, one of the goals of the SOS/3C’s is to build a community team. Apparently he and the other members of the SOS/3C’s think you begin this process by calling people who don’t agree with you names. Apparently having another opinion is never allowed. If you don’t follow their directions, and agree with them, then you will be identified, ridiculed, and made fun of. You will be called names; just like they did in Jr. High when they were children and wanted to “put down” anyone they didn’t agree with.

The way you treat people who disagree with you is a major difference between the SOS/3C’s and the majority of the Ellicott community. The SOS seem to believe that if you have something to say that they don’t agree with, then you must be identified, and ridiculed. If you have family members in the community, they must be identified, and called names. If you have children in the community, they must be identified, and then subjected to being made fun of at school by some staff and the children/grandchildren of the SOS/3C’s. Everyone must be identified, and called names. Read McDowell’s blog and you immediately see what we mean. They demand that someone with whom they disagree, be identified. They demand that an example be made of that person. They demand they know “who” has a different opinion.

Mr. McDowell, Mrs. Booker, and others have their own view of how things should work in Ellicott. Only they have the “right” ideas of what needs to be done. Only they know “what” needs to be said. Only they know “what” needs to be accomplished. Only “they” know who is acceptable and who is not. The regular citizens don’t need to worry themselves about what is going on. The SOS/3C’s will handle everything for you. Things like the failure to correct required water contamination cleanup at a public store will never be told to the public. Things like trying to sell the school district’s water rights will never be discussed in public. Things like being arrested for violation of law will never be talked about. Things like telling lies to election officials, and attempts to recall individuals elected by the voters because they treat you like everyone else is treated is not acceptable. They complain that other citizens might have different opinions, and what they want to do is to identify them and then ridicule them and their families, or their beliefes. They don’t want to discuss anything, only identify and then call others names.

Those citizens who went to one of the SOS/3C’s meetings heard the leaders say; “we can do whatever is necessary” to get back into control. They said it in public they have some right to “DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY”! “WE DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES”!

McDowell is now calling the writer of the EAR “Mrs. Muck” and that is a perfect example. Call them a name, demand they identify themselves so they can be called other names. What a great approach to building a community team.

Of course saying you are trying to build a community team is only another way of saying; we want to be in control again. Booker and McDowell seem to think that only they have the ability to make everything “right”; and “right” is what they say it is.

The whole thing with the SOS/3C’s is that they were in control until some citizens got together and started exposing the things they were doing behind the backs of the citizens while the “good ole Boys(now called the SOS/3C’s)” were in control of the school board; and when those things were exposed, the voters of the school district voted them out. Two school board members were recalled, and one was not elected. Instead, the voters decided to get 4 new school board members.

It’s that simple, for many years, they helped themselves, their family members, and friends with jobs, special projects, and other things at the expense of the student’s education. They used the school district’s money as they felt it was necessary. The end result was the decline of the district’s test scores, decline of the quality of education, and the decline of the schools themselves. Now that a new board is in place, they are no longer able to control how things are done and who gets rewarded; and that is just not acceptable to them.

One example, is that they no longer are able to walk in and get treated any differently than anyone else. That is a very hard pill for them to swallow because they believe that they are special and deserve special treatment. They believe that they should be able to tell everyone else what to do and what to believe.

Anyone that does not agree with McDowell for example is called a liar. Anyone that makes Marna Booker follow the rules and laws is called a muckraker.

In his last posting, McDowell states that you should fire poor teachers, but you should disapprove poor employee’s resignations. What? He really thinks that poor employees should be kept even if they want to resign? Or is he saying that everyone that does not follow his thinking must be “fired” to be made an example?

In another part of his posting McDowell writes “You can count on the SOS supporting OUR core values and beliefs. What was that statement about building a “community team” McDowell?

McDowell, no one is going to sign their names as long as you begin your writings by calling them names. The citizens of this area know how you operate and how you ridicule others that disagree with you.

There are several problems with individuals that think like McDowell and Booker. They are so sure they are right, that they never even consider the possibility that someone else might have a better or more complete answer. They form groups and cliques to support each other, and if anyone says anything about a group member, they must be dealt with immediately and severely. The reason is simple, if anyone were to be found to be having “improper” thoughts; they become a threat to the group!

One major problem of people who think they have all the answers was seen on TV this week. A person who thought they had all the answers got into an elementary school, and killed kids. Kids who he determined as unfit to live.

What happened in Connecticut is a perfect example of why people who have no legitimate reason to be at a district school are never allowed inside.




Mrs Mucker, I have reasons, I care and I am a taxpayer.  I was also wondering whether Mrs Mucker or the Insider would use Connecticut first.  Guess who! She and the group that surround her are so sad.



Integrity in Leadership


  1. #1 by seriously? on December 18, 2012 - 9:46 pm

    Wow…I find the reference to the CT school shooting disgusting. How dare the Ear belittle the tragedy by using it to make a point that has nothing to do with what happened there. I question the ethics and mental capacity of someone who attempts to capitalize off the pain of others.

    Any credibility the Ear may have had is now gone. To The Ear writer: You are a sad individual.

  2. #2 by Fayne on December 19, 2012 - 1:07 pm

    response to Seriously 12.18 9:46pm
    Seriously, my word would be ashamed of herself. A perfect picture of my statementsabout bully words. Today, weak & angry people have key words that they feel will hush their opposition. Individuals use race, sickness, kids and terrible tragedy/events to turn others against others. Mrs Muck does this all the time. I would venture to say she doesn’t even know must if any of the folks she slams. That is the main reason I have such a difficult time dealing with these individuals. In the military this does not happen often. Individuals face those they disagree with.
    Mrs Muck is disgusting; but someday the truth will be known. What was her purpose? It was to link in some way (in this case) the Chef with the tragedy.
    I wonder if the Sheriff department would see this as a threat? I so hope that all her readers and a couple other blogger’s readers begin to feel the same. That is why I continue to ask for examples when folks say I call folks names or other call folks names. I don’t mean to call folks names, but for some there is no other way. I want to know if I cross the line, because everyone has the right to voice their positions and opinions. But it should be kept on subject not on person. SOS individuals don’t deserve the garbage being dumped on them, why do people, because there is no accountability. We all need information, but we need ALL the information or the writer should say my opinion and back it up with whatever facts lead us to that opinion.

    Sorry for the verbiage.
    Integrity in Leadership

  3. #3 by It must STOP! on December 19, 2012 - 6:14 pm

    Mr. McDowell,
    It has been VERY clear for quite some time now that you and your SOS buddies have had a great time with the insinuations that I or someone in my family is the author of The Ear. I am SICK of all the ranting and bantering that has been thrown around in public settings, printed in the Ranchland by specific people, and scathing words that have been written about my family on this blog, in which by the way, its contents have filtered to me via community members, thus making me disinterested in even visiting this site until now. I have had enough. I have a lawyer. This is how serious I am about being wrongly accused of something I am not doing nor is my family. Frankly, I don’t have the time to invest in such childish antics. I am very busy and refuse to partake in hurtful gossip. This is a request for you and members of the SOS club to cease and desist ANY further attacks or facilitating insinuations against me, my family, and the children we care for.
    Vanessa Dahn

  4. #4 by Eva on December 24, 2012 - 1:06 pm

    I will respect the information give by those who sign a name to what they write. Those that will not sign what they write, I question the information. Some of you do not allow information that does not agree with what you are writting. Interesting! Plus I see threats are being made if some views you don’t like are written. In American I believe we should be able to express our views.

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