A peaceful weekend with great dogs

Well another great trip to the North Lands, Meeker, Colorado.  I attended the “Meeker Classic”.  The classic bring handlers and sheep dogs from around the United Stated and many foreign countries.  This has become an annual trek and one of our trips we look forward to each year.  It is truly amazing the abilities of both the handlers and the dogs.  This year there were 133 entries representing 4 countries.  The Classic is a 5 day event with the finals on Sunday. Faansie Basson and his dog Don (a 6-year-old Male, Border Collie), from South Africa won with the winning score of 142 out of 170 points.  Besides the wonderful dogs the attendee are some of the best, friendly and helpful.  Everyone is there to share the events.  This was the 26th year that the citizens of Meeker has hosted the classic.  It is Meeker’s week.  Again a great trip and week.   Just a few pictures from the Classic:

working the shed

dog at the ready

shedding the flock

working the pen

working the shed

through the gate



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