Three More Days

Good evening to Potluck readers and Fellow Republicans,


Only three more days to bring back our country.   As of the last update it is looking better, but we cannot stop until 7:30PM Tue evening.  There are about 160 mail in ballots still out there, these are voters that claim to be Unaffiliated (UAF) voters.  We need every vote so again I ask each of you to speak to at least 20 individuals between now and Tue night to ensure they get out and vote for the next Commander-in-Chief, Mitt Romney.  I’m going to hang out at Fuel B’s tomorrow when I get done with some cow business, just to say VOTE.  Tue morning I’ll go out and  put up the signs on the way to the polling place (school).

I have also been asked “if I got a ballot in the mail can I still go to the poll and vote if I haven’t mailed in the ballot yet”.  I’ll double-check Monday morning early and post the answer to that question as soon as I get the answer.


Fayne Mc Dowell

Republican Precinct leader, P521

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