6 More Days


Only 6 more days before we have the chance to return America back to its citizens.  I ask you to continue to contact your neighbors and friends about voting.  Our Precinct still has 125 mail in ballots still laying on some table.  We need to increase the effort to get them filled out and mailed in.  A 44 cent stamp can make the difference.  Remember the future of the nation, your kids and grandkids future are in your hands.   Seven more days of getting the word out can and will make the difference.

Also we can begin making our list of folks that may need to be picked up and taken to the middle school to vote.  Check with your mature neighbors to see if they have mail in vote or will need assistance to get to the polls.  If you find someone and you cannot provide help for them, forward their name, address and phone number to me.   We have a number of folks willing to pick them up.

Keep the yard signs up, we will be adding others just before voting day.  I thank you for all the assistance.



Republican Leader, Precinct 521

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