Another response to TOTSB

Response to TOTSB/Mrs Clemons  post Oct 16

Just some comments following a posting on TOTSB.  The posting said that I have said that Mrs Clemons could not recall her vote on something, I didn’t’.   There was a reference to a resolution, I read the document and it did not address what the person said it did, nothing to do with the Reserve Fund.  I went to the District Office and asked if there was another resolution and they also said they had searched and there was none.  All agree that there were discussions and a motion to take if forward, then nothing.  My point is that the District School Board does not know what the Reserve bottom-line should be.  Establish one!  Today there is 370K+ being taken from the fund, is that ok?  My “contention” is that the District is taking down the Reserve fund with what appears to be no future plan.  Every Board member has their opinion of what a bottom-line should be, what is the District opinion?   I have not discussed whether the expenditures or good or bad, just where does the District stop.  $370K ( and we are still spending) in the first year of Mr Hudson’s presidency, where do we stop.  It does matter, it is called Reserve Funds for a reason, if we don’t have a plan, it is called Broke!

Next, TOTSB must define “hand picking”.  What I said, how do you select individuals to fill the requirement.  I used baseball/debating as my example.  Most decisions have criteria, so does most “groups”.  Again I was thinking sports but now we are talking about a kindergarten program.  I cannot comment because I don’t know anything about the program, it is new to me.  I’m researching before I speak.  So my comments are general.  Again most groups have criteria for its’ members, I don’t believe individuals “hand-pick” group members as TOTSB believes and what I have heard of this teacher she is wrong.  She is also wrong in this statement, “PRIME example of how little his group knows about school policies and the laws that govern PUBLIC education, which is paid for with PUBLIC tax dollars.”quoted from TOTSB/Mrs Clemons.  Again TOTSB is putting words in my mouth (article).  I did not say “fine and okay”, I said there is a need to decide, procedurals, decisions, sometime hard ones.  I have requested more information on the program she is discussing.  I’ll post whatever I find, but again there are limits in most things, there are numbers that can be supported in most things.  The school district decided to have one mascot, what if 100 kids wanted to be the Mascot, a decision would have to be made, right.

And who knows better?  Do you feel we look stupid?

TOTSB’s example is a little different, in that the State requires certain things to be provided to special need children, the District receives money to provide those things, I don’t know the story, but was the school not providing/meeting the requirements?  Again will seek information.

Again TOTSB is putting words in my post, the Ruler never said anything about my friends, raises or new names.  Are we sure she is reading the Potluck?



Integrity in Leadership

  1. #1 by john the recorder on October 18, 2012 - 12:36 am

    so what kind of ruler will you a 6 inch or a 12 inch? please let us know. as for your friends getting a cushier job and title… without the advanced education needed for the positions they now hold they are both grossly UNDER-EDUCATED.

  2. #2 by Fayne on October 18, 2012 - 8:17 am

    Response to john the recorder 10-18 12:36
    John, a yard stick. You must be reading TOTSB, I’m not hiring any friends. I disagree that titles are cushier if aligned with other like organizations. John do some research on individuals that have made great impacts on us and the world, Without advance education. Owners of business hire the best individuals available. Common sense, experience and motivation is just as important as some school attendance. John are you wanting one of these jobs? If you were at the School Working session you would have heard what Dr. Cullen said about these individuals. What do you think the titles should be. President of Finance or President of Business, we have a President of the Board.
    John saying, “grossly UNDER-EDUCATED”, is not very nice, since you don’t supervise either of these individuals. Just what is you true purpose? Just picking on individuals, who are just working doing their best isn’t fair and supportive.

    Integrity in Leadership

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