Resolutions and Budget

Good day Ellicottors.  It is a good day hope all watch the debates tonight and we must vote.

This morning a spent a few minutes at the District, visiting and asking some questions concerning Board Resolutions and the 2012-2013 budget.  The staff was very helpful and in my opinion very friendly.  Everyone was having a good day.

Resolutions:  the resolution in question, Board Resolution dated December 8, 2011

says nothing about budget or reserve funds.

The resolution states: Twiss made the motion, seconded by Clemons to approve and sign the board resolution dated December 8, 2011, stating board members will interface with staff to solicit ideas.  RCV: Aye: Cody Chambers, MaryAnna Clemons, Dwight Hobbs, Jr., Ernest Hudson, Bea Twiss.  Motion Carried.

The Board never voted on a reserve bottom-line that anyone can find.

I have difficulty typing and spell checking, but I do take good notes.

So whatever the bottom-line is or was the district has taken somewhere between 500K to 370K from the reserve fund.  It was discussed that 370K has been obligated.  As a person in the past that was responsible for organizational budgets and my businesses budget to make a budget reflect accurate numbers are important.  So I feel that the Board has failed to adjust the proper line items.   There appears to be a number of items that was started but not finished.  Example: when the board hires a new teacher it should be a two-step process: approved the position then discuss where the money is coming from, amend the budget by the amount of the salary and benefits.  A good question to ask the auditor who will be here soon.


Integrity in Leadership


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