It is Play Time

Response to Mrs Clemons    2012/10/15 at 5:03 pm

I don’t know if there are any secrets, there is enough out in the open to keep a freelance writer busy.  Emails, phone calls, blogging, a little work, coffee at Fuel-Bs, and playing cowboy.  I do stay really busy, hunting secrets no time.

I never said I would select anyone for anything, my vote is only one just like yours.  Bullied you out of, gosh will have to review the board minutes I could have sworn you resigned, without me saying a word.  I’m waiting for the next recall seat, (guess who’s).  Soon I’ll sellout and then I’ll have lots of time.

Now, you are one of the greatest name and issue droppers around.  What is there to figure out, I’m on track just waiting for the blade to fall.  Thinking about law school or oenology or viticulture or both or maybe buy some school bonds, whatever I’ll let you know.    There is so much to do and such a short time to do it.

Good night to all.


Integrity in Leadership

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